12 steps to making the perfect piece of fairy bread (with variations).


With suggestions offered by Jock Mackenzie.

Fresh, thick slice white bread (must be white)
Butter (lots of it)
100s & 1000s (beware of imitators)

Step Instructions

  1. Plate Take a big empty plate. It needs to be big because you’re bound to spill some of your precious coloured sugar when coating the bread.
  2. Plain Bread White bread. Fresh, fluffy and not too holey.
  3. Buttered Bread Spread liberally with butter or margarine. Make sure to reach into all four corners. Don’t freak out about how much butter is used – you only need need to make the bread an adhesive surface.
  4. Shaker Take the 100’s & 1000’s and prepare them for sprinkling (the container pictured does make life easier – and resealable).
  5. Sprinkled Bread Shake 100’s & 1000’s over buttered bread. Don’t worry about spillage – you’ll soon become a master of shaking onto bread only.
  6. Plain Cut Slice in half, diagonally. DO NOT cut into halves from any of the straight edges. Your fairy bread will taste significantly different.
  7. Plain Cut Display your finished fairy bread on top of each other. Pile them up, they won’t stick to each other if you’ve used plenty of 100’s & 1000’s.
  8. Eating!! Eat!!
  9. Nutella Jar Nutella is a perfect butter
  10. Nutella Spread Spread bread with Nutella all over. Again, don’t miss the corners.
  11. Nutella Sprinkled Sprinkle with 100’s & 1000’s.
  12. Nutella Fingers Cut into fingers (or soldiers). This is the only other acceptable way to cut your bread. Perfect for kids!
A quintessential piece of Australian cuisine is Fairy Bread.
Summaryagain from Jock (with his own twist)…..
Combine bread, butter & 100s & 1000s as you please – put two pieces together SQUASH, separate, cut into 1/2s or 1/4s, eat, drop 100s & 1000s all over the floor. The squashing part of the recipe is ESSENTIAL (similar to fresh white bread vegemite sandwiches really).Got any other suggestions or variations?
Further VariationsCrusts may be removedFour triangles can be cut if making for childrenTo transport, follow Jock’s suggestion of squashing two complete slices together. That way you’ll never loose any of the 100’s & 1000’s
A collection of Australian Recipes from the Embassy of Australia in Washington DC that includes one forĀ Fairy Bread.